Three songs, with Jenny Eriksson

The Marais Project premieres Emily-Rose Sarkova’s arrangement of songs by Rodrigo for soprano, piano and electric viola da gamba. An Australian and world first?

Jenny Acquired her Ruby Gamba, alder series, in 2013. She is experimenting with new settings, is ordering pieces and she is venturing out into the world of improvised music. Down Under comes up!


Jay Elfenbein jazzing away on first Ruby Gamba

American bass player Jay Elfenbein acquired the first Ruby Gamba in 2003. This being the only yellow Ruby Gamba, made it perfect for playing jazz, blues and improvised music. Jay taught me to adjust the instrument a bit, add a second transducer, and he shows the world that the viol is a perfect instrument for jazz. Jay played a few years for the Cirque du Soleil and is a great advocate of the contemporary possibilities of the viola da gamba. Enjoy. He performs in France, with his spouse Andree Pages. You can find them here.

The new Black Ruby Gamba

This is the new model. Made in The Netherlands by KJ Goorissen, design FJ Vandervoort, idea,development, marketing and sales Jan Goorissen, developer, viol player, recorder player, composer.Image

Handmade from alder wood, with a beautiful hpl finger board, built in pre-amp we consider this instrument as a major step forward in developing the Electric Viola da Gamba. The sound is open, transparent, explosive, rich and slightly reedy as one would want it to be. A delight to play on and a beauty to look upon. Furthermore: the listeners can’t keep there jaws together, and are amazed, awed, touched, delighted … and some of them apalled (with the very idea of an electric gammie).

Fahmi Alqhai plays the Ruby Gamba

Fahmi Alqhai, one of the leading voices in the area of the viola da gamba, and experimenting with the merging of styles and techniques, has adopted the Ruby Gamba as his instrument for a part of his job: to play Hendrix, or looped improvised music, to play contemporary music and what else he can invent, like bow-bending bubble breaking electric blobs or just high profile scratching.

We congratulate him with this step!

December 2011, the Ruby Guys