Three songs, with Jenny Eriksson

The Marais Project premieres Emily-Rose Sarkova’s arrangement of songs by Rodrigo for soprano, piano and electric viola da gamba. An Australian and world first?

Jenny Acquired her Ruby Gamba, alder series, in 2013. She is experimenting with new settings, is ordering pieces and she is venturing out into the world of improvised music. Down Under comes up!


Jay Elfenbein jazzing away on first Ruby Gamba

American bass player Jay Elfenbein acquired the first Ruby Gamba in 2003. This being the only yellow Ruby Gamba, made it perfect for playing jazz, blues and improvised music. Jay taught me to adjust the instrument a bit, add a second transducer, and he shows the world that the viol is a perfect instrument for jazz. Jay played a few years for the Cirque du Soleil and is a great advocate of the contemporary possibilities of the viola da gamba. Enjoy. He performs in France, with his spouse Andree Pages. You can find them here.

Jan plays new Ruby Spine in M-lab, Amsterdam NL

As of Thursday, December 2nd, 2010, we start rehearsing the music theatre piece Krabat, based on the novel by Preussler. Jan, owner at Ruby Instruments and musican will be one of three musicians playing on stage. The new prototype of the Ruby Spine will be used. It is made of a composite based on flax fibre. We are thrilled that so many new people will be able to hear and see the new Ruby Spine. The piece is a wonderful story of a boy, Krabat, who is an orphan and somehow gets lured into the mill of a black master. Krabat is taken as an apprentice sorcerer, and will either die eventually, or become master himself. Only the girl he loves will be able to save his skin…

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